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Access Repair Kit is the weapon of choice of everyone who wants to know how to repair Access database file data in the quickest and most pain-free way. This Microsoft Access repair tool sports a powerful engine with best-in-class performance and an intuitive UI suitable for users of all skill levels.

How to repair Access database

Modified on 01/01/2019

The repairing corrupted Access databases - step-by-step instruction:

  1. Download Access Repair Kit here:
  2. Install Access Repair Kit
  3. Start Access Repair Kit
  4. Select corrupted *.mdb or *.accdb file
  5. Preview repaired tables (structure and data), queries and relations and press Next
  6. Select name and folder for new Access database with recovered data
  7. Select the recover mode and press Recover

How to repair Access database file?

MS Access database repair tool

Access Repair Kit is arguably the best MS Access repair tool available on today's market. Combining a highly efficient database analysis and recovery core with a simple, clean and easy-to-understand interface, the product enables users to efficiently restore their Access databases after the most serious data corruption accidents. The program's intelligent engine takes advantage of a set of complex proprietary algorithms to identify and extract valuable elements of damaged *.mdb and *.accdb files to a safe location on the user's hard drive.

This MS Access database repair tool features a clean and lightweight wizard-based interface that is completely suitable for users with and without experience. The wizard almost completely automates the process of data recovery and makes it a matter of a few mouse clicks - even if the user has absolutely no hands-on experience with the program and doesn't know how to repair Access database file data. The program comes with a simple database viewer that lets users see recoverable items and get a general idea about the scale of damage inflicted to the file.

This Microsoft Access repair tool supports recovery from standard *.mdb and *.accdb database files of any size and structure and repairs the most important database elements, including tables, table data, queries, links between tables and even previously deleted records. Due to Access format limitations, the software does not recover database forms, macros, modules and password-protected files. Unlike many competitors, this Microsoft Access file repair tool does not require any frameworks, libraries, additional components or utilities to be downloaded and installed prior to database recovery.

This Microsoft Access repair tool can save regular users an ample amount of time and money, since they won't need to look for and hire an expensive specialized service to restore a single database file. Corporate users and IT professionals dealing with the consequences of MDB file corruption on a regular basis will benefit from the dramatically reduced downtime and speed of recovery offered by the product.

Microsoft Access file repair tool

The key features of Access Repair Kit:

  • Fast and easy recovery of .MDB and .ACCDB database files of Microsoft Access
  • A state-of-art database analysis and recovery engine leveraging the power of several intelligent algorithms to extract the maximum of data
  • An intuitive wizard-based UI that makes the recovery procedure a snap even for complete novices
  • Extraction of data to a healthy Access database file
  • Recovery of previously deleted database data
  • Recovery of tables, table data, queries and links between tables
  • No additional components needed - the product is ready for MDB file recovery immediately after installation
  • Compact installation file that takes seconds to download
  • Compatible with all major versions of MS Access and Windows, can be user on the majority of computers, including older ones

A free demo version of the program is available for download from the official website.

The Access file repair software does not recover:

  • forms;
  • macros;
  • modules;
  • password protected files.


  • Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10 or Windows Server 2003/2008/2012/2016 and above
  • Microsoft Access 2003 or higher installed
Customer's reviews and ratings
Cortez Kidd 2021-04-13

The software recovered 5 tables from the existing and previous 7 deleted tables. There are no forms.

Pablo Vaughan 2021-03-23

Thank you for the program. It worked great for me, I managed to finish the semester and submit the project on MS Access. Without you, I would have stayed for a second year.

Nervine 2021-02-09

Howto open a file after fix? - If MS Access still cannot recognize the format of this file, then install Access to the latest version. It helped me

Glabella 2021-01-13

The .mdb database is now working, all tables and records are opened in MS Access. The main problem is that the modules are missing.

Keilani Hunter 2020-12-30

Restarting Microsoft Office Access 2007 forcibly, as a result I have a corrupted database. After downloading the program, I thought that I would return the form, but only the database was repaired.

Jericho Archer 2020-12-16

I already wanted to write a bad review, as the repair of an MS Access database weighing more than 2GB had to wait 3 hours. But after looking at the restored base, I give you a standing ovation! The base has fixed completely

Brynleigh Christopher 2020-08-01

On other projects it is possible to repair online, why don't you do it here? Make it possible and here, please, my Access file weighs less than 100MB. The file itself is not important for me, it's just too lazy to redesign the base. Due to the use of the generator of fake records for the table "user", Access began to be capricious and as a result, the database crashed, now access to the database is denied. I hope you hear me.

Pleonectic 2020-06-30

MS Access cannot read the .MDB file recovered from the hard disk. When I opened the Access error reports, I saw a bunch of errors, including problems with the tables. Your program helped to fix these errors, the database was repaired, but not completely (in some tables, a couple of entries is missing)

Helicosophy 2020-06-20

I can partially recover my damage .mdb file, which showed an "invalid argument" error because record was changed by third-party program.

HayrulHoopla 2020-06-02

The program is easy to use - select the damaged document and get the restored file without errors. But if you also improve the speed, you would not have a price. The Access 2007 database has been recovering for a very long time.

Falkitis 2020-05-04

VMware upon failure, my database on the virtual disk was damaged. After repaired the .MDF file, I saw that the database was restored at 80%. The table structure is preserved, but a couple of records are missing in some tables.

Domoleap 2020-03-01

After trying to change the structure of the program table with using a third-party program, now when opening a file in Microsoft Access, it throws an error like unrecognized database format. It was recovered several tables, but not the entire database. Could not restore macros and forms.

BENEDICT 2018-08-29

Tool repaired only 90% of my corrupted access database

John 2017-05-15

Simple and easy repair wizard of corrupted Access database

Al 2016-11-25

My Access database broke down after a power failure. This tool repaired all my database. Great!

Leon 2016-07-11

It helps to get most of the data in my Access database.

Philipp 2013-03-22

My Access database cannot be opened after a sudden power down. I try to use "Repair and Compact" function in Access to repair the database but failed. This tool recover more data then other repair software.

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